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Turbo51 for microcontrollers 8051 - Pascal

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Turbo51 is released as a freeware. You can use Turbo51 for hobby projects and for serious work. Check documentation pages and code examples that show the syntax, features and generated files. This should be enough to start a 8051 project development with Turbo51. And if you are still missing something or have a problem you can always ask for help.
If you are already familiar with 8051 assembly language programming you can start with Turbo51 as 8051 assembly language compiler and then add some Pascal statements until you become familiar with Turbo51 and Pascal syntax. A good approach is also to compile some Pascal code and then check generated code (ASM file). This way you can learn assembly language, get some ideas on how to write effective code and become familiar with the compiler. Turbo51, like many popular C compilers for 8051, generates optimized code and supports source-level debugging with OMF object file.

Developement tools Turbo51
Main features:
  • Win32 console application
  • Fast single-pass optimizing compiler
  • Borland Turbo Pascal 7 syntax
  • Full floating point support
  • Mixed Pascal and assembler code
  • Full use of register banks
  • Advanced multi-pass optimizer
  • Smart linker
  • Generates compact high quality code
  • Output formats: BIN, HEX, OMF
  • Assembler source code generation
  • Source-level debugging with absolute
    OMF-51 extended object file
Used optimizations:
  • Constant folding
  • Integer arithmetic optimizations
  • Dead code elimination
  • Branch elimination
  • Code-block reordering
  • Loop-invariant code motion
  • Loop inversion
  • Induction variable elimination
  • Instruction selection
  • Instruction combining
  • Register allocation
  • Common subexpression elimination
  • Peephole optimization
Download latest Turbo51.zip version, released 25.06.2013

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